Paint Colors To Consider For Your Home Library

Posted on: 24 July 2018

Your home library should be a place where you feel invited to relax and jump into a great read. The right paint hue in your library can make this living space more comforting. Here are library colors to consider for your private home reading space.

Sage Green

Not a classic green, but a more gray or brown-based green, sage green is nature-based. Nature hues are grounding and relaxing, making them ideal for a home library. Sage green adds a splash of needed color without being distracting and is just dark enough to make a library space more intimate.

Use sage green as a main library wall color or as an accent hue if you prefer lighter-toned walls.

Ocean Blue

Ocean blue is dark and moody, which complements a home library well. Since the color is gray-based, the hue is not too feminine or masculine in its appearance. Ocean blue is a great color choice if you were thinking of doing your home library in navy but didn't want to commit to a darker hue.

When choosing an ocean-based color for your walls, stick to gray, black, and blue tones over green bases. This way, you don't accidentally make your library give off a turquoise hue.


Bright but not overwhelming, goldenrod is the ideal shade of yellow for a home library if you want a reading space that is cheerful and open. Since this yellow hue has a heavy brown or gold undertone, the color is very sophisticated and mature in a library as well.

Goldenrod is a bright and inviting color that makes small and large home libraries alike more comforting and vibrant to be in. This is a great tone to choose for your home library if you use the space not only to read in but also to relax and visit with company.


A royal hue that is not too purple that it's distracting, eggplant is a welcome relief from other classic library colors, such as maroon. Eggplant is a dusty version of classic royal purple, having almost black or dark brown undertones, so the color is not decidedly feminine. For an elegant home library that carries classic appeal, talk to your painter about this time-honored hue.

Eggshell White

If you are a neutral fan, then stick with classic white tones with a twist. Eggshell white is a creamy version of classic white that is softer on the eyes, therefore ideal for a reading space.

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