Undoing Some Of The Damage Your Dog Has Done To Your Home

Posted on: 5 December 2018

A family dog could be what you thought that you needed when you brought Fido home with you. Unfortunately, in many cases, the introduction of a puppy to the home can be quite damaging. If you're preparing to bring a new dog home, or are working to undo the damage that's already been done, you'll find some helpful tips here.


In most cases, the flooring in a home is what suffers the most when a new puppy comes to live there. No matter how many times you drag yourself out in the pouring rain to let the puppy pee, he still comes in and pees right beside the pee-pad that you've put down for him.

So, after all of those accidents, you'll need to do something to get rid of the smells that are left behind.

If you have carpeting, you will have to get the carpet professionally cleaned, and sometimes, that isn't enough to get the smells out. This is because the urine has soaked down through the carpeting, the padding and into the wood flooring below. In order to eliminate the odors completely, the carpeting and padding will need to be removed and the wood will need to be cleaned and painted to seal the odors in.

Tip: Use Nature's Miracle cleaning solution on the wood flooring before you paint it with an odor-blocking product. This solution only needs to be sprayed directly on the urine stained material and allowed to dry. You may have to wait a week or so before it's completely dry before the paint can be applied.


Most of the damage done to the walls will be caused by pawing and playtime getting out of control. Other than that, as long as the walls are easy to clean, you won't have much of an issue- unless you have a dog that has serious anxiety problems and he digs his way through the drywall.

Look for paint that is easy to keep clean – semi-gloss, egg-shell or satin finishes will wipe clean easily. If you have lots of blemishes that need to be hidden with the paint, opt for the egg-shell or satin finish. If your dog enjoys chewing on the corners of your walls, look for a pet-friendly eco-friendly product.

Talk with your local residential painting professionals to learn more about undoing the damage that your canine family member has caused to your home.