Are You Having Your Mexican Restaurant Painted By Professionals?

Posted on: 15 April 2019

Are you remodeling an older building, or are you designing your Mexican restaurant from scratch? Either way, if you are considering different wall treatments, from wall paint to accent decorations, here are some ideas that might help you create a unique and attractive setting for your customers to enjoy.

The Wall Treatment

As you select colors for the paint you will use on the walls of your Mexican restaurant, think of using red, white, and green, the colors of the Mexican flag. For example, the entire wall surface could be painted white, and then there could be a green stripe and a red stripe around the top of the wall and around the middle of the wall. 

Another idea is to choose bright paint colors, maybe colors that remind you of a pinata. Some paint colors you might select would be hot pink, bright yellow, or turquoise.

Consider reserving one of the walls for a mural that depicts a Mexican scene. For example, a scene that shows children breaking a colorful piñata or a scene of an old Mexican fruit market would both be good mural choices. 

Think of adding stenciling to part of the wall. For example, stencils of things like birds, flowers, and butterflies done in bright colors might add interest to the room.

Another idea is to stencil Spanish words in strategic places. Bienvenidos! Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa or Disfruten El Ambiente Mexicano! or, Welcome! Our House Is Your House, or Enjoy the Mexican Ambience!! Or, use all of those expressions in different colors of paint.

Accent Decorations

Once you've established with the commercial painting service what the wall treatment will be, consider other ways you can add pizzaz to your Mexican restaurant. For instance, think of displaying Mexican corn husk dolls and tiny pinatas on small shelves.

Another idea is to hang very small Mexican style chairs on the walls. Place pots with faux flowers on the seat of the chairs.

Displaying Mexican dishes and other serving pieces will also lend a Mexican touch to the walls of your Mexican restaurant. Tin Mexican trays hung in strategic places would be a nice touch, too. You can also hang pinatas from the ceiling.

Another great touch would be to have a large indoor water fountain on one of the walls. Then, place a smaller indoor fountain on other walls. 

Framed photographs of places like Cuernavaca, Saltillo, and Acapulco would also be nice accent pieces for your Mexican-themed restaurant. For more information, contact a commercial painting service such as Trend.