2 Things That Should Determine Your Choice Of Exterior House Color Paint

Posted on: 15 October 2019

Unlike choosing indoor paint for your walls, selecting the best exterior color for your house involves more than just picking a color you love. Exterior color will impact the impression others have of your home and will also affect the appearance of your neighborhood. Exterior color should be chosen carefully while keeping your roof and your house structure in mind. 

(1) Your Roof

You've probably witnessed the blaring look of a home with a roof and paint color that were mismatched. If your roof is black or gray, you won't have to worry as much about exterior colors clashing, as almost any exterior color will match a black and gray roof. However, if your roof is brown, it may be best to stay with a neural exterior color, such as beige, white, or tan rather than going with a bold color.

Purchase a small amount of paint to try on a section near your roof to determine if the color you selected is a good match. Seeing paint inside a store under fluorescent lightning can cause the actual paint color to appear quite different than when it's seen in natural outdoor light.

You should select several colors to try before you decide on a specific one. Painting your home's exterior is a substantial expense and won't be an easy mistake to fix if you decide you don't like the color once the painting project is completed.

(2) Your House Structure

If your home contains stone or wood elements, you will want to select a paint that will complement the beauty in the natural stone and preserve the beauty of your home's original structure. Again, you should take a paint sample home to judge whether it enhances or distracts from any stone or wood features in the design of your home.

You should purchase paint for any trim you will be painting when you purchase paint for the exterior of your home. Your trim should provide a pleasing balance of contrast to your exterior paint while at the same time being cohesive with the other elements in your home construction.  

The exterior of your home is the first thing others see when visiting or driving by your home. Choosing the best exterior painting color when making home improvements is important. Exterior color should enhance your home by drawing out the natural elements in your home while providing a pleasing contrast to your roof and trim color.