3 Commercial Painting Mistakes To Avoid Making

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Your store's interior can make or break first impressions, which is why no detail is insignificant. While new paint is a great way to clear the canvas and create a beautiful space, a few simple mistakes could create issues with the final outcome. Here are three commercial painting mistakes you should avoid making and why it matters. 

1. DIY Work

Sure, you can go to the home improvement store and pick up rollers, a few gallons of paint, and brushes, but are you really ready to paint your commercial space, and will it look good when you are done? Sometimes, people underestimate just how challenging interior painting can be, which can spell trouble in the long run. On the other hand, the right professional painters have the equipment and know-how to manage the job quickly and correctly, which can save you a lot of time--and improve the outcome. 

2. Using Inexpensive Paint

Sometimes, even when people use professionals, they are tempted to opt for inexpensive paint. The wrong paint can chip or scratch easily, or it may create a mottled, matte look that attracts fingerprints and grime. On the other hand, higher-end paints are often made with better pigments and polymers, and some even have self-leveling agents to create a smooth look. Whether you are buying paint or having a team of professionals takes care of the task, make sure you know which brands they are using and the sheen of paint you have ordered. 

3. Forgetting About Doors and Window Frames

When you paint a commercial space, it's important to make sure all of your bases are covered, including doors and windows. Instead of just painting the walls of the inside of your property, have any painted surface refinished, including ceilings--especially if the business is old. Painting ceilings, doors, and window frames white can open up and brighten your space, without driving up your budget significantly. Remember to have high-touch surfaces, such as doors and bathroom walls, finished with paints that are designed to be wiped down and cleaned frequently. That way, you won't have to worry about water damage or smudges later. 

When you want to switch up your store's paint, work with a team of professional painters who understand the tricks of the trade. From properly masking off different parts of your store to creating a smooth, even appearance, the right painters can help in a big way--eliminating stress and anxiety.