• 5 Steps To Create A Monochromatic Room Paint Scheme

    A monochromatic color scheme can be a wonderful and engaging palette to paint any interior room. But how should you do this without making it boring or overdoing a darker color? Here are a few steps to make it work perfectly no matter what color you choose.  1. Choose Three or Four Shades. The key to a monochromatic color plan is to create some variation with different shading in the same color family.
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  • Why Fall Is A Great Time To Have Your Home Exterior Painted

    Most people think of summer as the season to have the outside of their house painted. And it is a perfectly fine season for painting—the weather is pleasant, and the days are long. However, fall can be an even better season for house painting than the summer. Here are some top reasons to consider having the outside of your home painted in the autumn months. Lower temperatures mean the paint may adhere better when drying.
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