• Want To Make Your Larger Home More Appealing? Exterior Painting Tips To Try Out

    Your home's exterior is large and an open canvas for some great exterior painting techniques. Since your home's exterior covers a lot of ground, painting it just one color can make the building feel more one-dimensional than it really is. Since your home needs to be painted anyway, get creative with your color choices and application so your home looks great on the outside as much as it does on the inside.
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  • How Often Should You Repaint Your Rooms? 5 Things To Know

    When many homeowners think about repainting their home's interior, they envision a huge job requiring moving a lot of furniture and disrupting the entire house. This is one big reason the task often gets put off for many years.  In fact, though, your home's rooms should be regularly repainted—and repainted at different rates. What affects how long you should wait between paint jobs? And how can this actually help your home and family?
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