Strategies For Successfully Painting Your Commercial Stucco Building

Posted on: 28 October 2020

A new paint job on your building's exterior can make your business more eye catching to passers-by. If the exterior of the building has a stucco or other textured concrete finish, though, it won't be as simple as spraying a fresh coat of paint over the old. The following techniques are necessary for the most attractive and longest lasting paint job.

Clear the Area

The painters won't be able to access the entire building from the ground. Ladders have minimum usefulness, since they have to be moved constantly. Instead, the painters will likely set up scaffolding along the wall they are painting. You will need to have landscaping trimmed backed and covered before the painters arrive. Remove any items, like garbage cans, that can get in the way of the painters, and close of the sections of parking lot that border the wall being painted.

Clean the Surface

Thorough cleaning must occur before painting begins. Your painters will likely use a pressure washer to clean the walls. The force of the water won't just remove dirt, it will also dislodge flaking paint and any damaged stucco.

Fill In Cracks

The painters will use a special caulk that has sand added to it to fill in both large and small cracks. The caulk has a silicone base so it can expand and contract with the temperature, which prevents further cracking. Not only will the caulk cover any visible damage, it can also help prevent further damages in the future.

Patch Missing Texturing

More extensive repairs are needed if parts of the surface stucco and texturing peels off. In this case, the painters will apply a stucco patch to cover the damaged area. This patch is then covered with a thin layer of concrete, which has sand added so that it matches the texturing. The patch must cure before painting begins, so patchwork usually takes place several days in advance of the actual scheduled painting.

Apply Multiple Coats

Your painters will likely use a paint sprayer to apply the paint since this ensures and even coating over the textured stucco. They will first apply a primer to even out the surface. Primers also ensure proper paint adhesion and lead to a more even finish. Once the primer dries, two to three coats of paint will be sprayed on. Trim will then be done separately with a paint brush or roller.

Contact a commercial painting contractor for more help.