Why Fall Is A Great Time To Have Your Home Exterior Painted

Posted on: 12 January 2021

Most people think of summer as the season to have the outside of their house painted. And it is a perfectly fine season for painting—the weather is pleasant, and the days are long. However, fall can be an even better season for house painting than the summer. Here are some top reasons to consider having the outside of your home painted in the autumn months.

Lower temperatures mean the paint may adhere better when drying.

Summer is a good season for painting because it's warm outside, but sometimes, it can be too warm. If the house's surface is too hot when the paint is applied, the paint may not adhere as well as it could. And if the sun shines directly on your house for too long when the paint is drying, the paint could dry too quickly. This could also result in a less-than-ideal paint job. Exterior painters can work around these hassles, rescheduling their work if it's too hot and sunny outside, but this is a whole other challenge. In the fall, it is more reasonable to expect temperatures to be moderate and for the sun to not be so scorching. Your paint may adhere better, and your painters likely won't have to reschedule their services.

Painters tend to have more time in their schedules.

Since summer is a popular season for painting, painters tend to get really busy during these months. When you call to schedule your painting project, you may not have too many choices as far as dates go. In the fall, though, kids are back to school, and many people have set aside their remodeling plans until the next year. As such, your painters may have more time in their schedules and may be better able to work around your own scheduling needs and preferences.

You might get an end-of-the-year deal on paint.

Paint companies update their lines and add new colors to their collections regularly. Sometimes by the time fall arrives, they discount the current year's paint to make room for the new line. Some exterior paint companies may also buy large quantities of paint at the beginning of the year and try to use that paint up by fall. In either case, you could get a discount on paint if you put off painting your home until autumn.

Fall is a great season for exterior painting because you might get discounts, have an easier time scheduling with your painter, and see better results due to cooler temperatures. Contact an exterior painting service for more information.