4 Ways Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback in 2021

Posted on: 8 June 2021

Wallpaper has gotten a bad rap in recent years. A popular decorating trend since the 16th century, wallpaper recently faced decades of being shunned in favor of neutral paint schemes. Surprisingly, styles have changed recently and wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way.


Front and center in the wallpaper revolution is the fact that it is now re-positionable. Being able to remove wallpaper without any fear and with little effort is a massive revolution. You can decorate and re-decorate any room on a whim.

Furthermore, homeowners no longer have to worry about potential buyers. They can simply peel off their temporary wallpaper off before listing their home for sale with little effort. The days of scraping and steaming for weeks on end to remove wallpaper are long gone. 


Wallpaper is currently valued for its texture. Much like the flocked wallpaper of the 1960s and the grasscloth wallpaper of the 1970s, today's homeowners like the added texture on the walls of their homes. Textured wallpaper, sometimes called paper weave wallcoverings, is made up of bits of yarn, cloth, ribbon, cork, and even handmade, hand-torn paper to create a luxurious texture on the wall. 

In fact, according to ApartmentTherapy.com, adding texture to a room is one of the several designer secrets many homeowners forget. Paperweave wallcoverings are just one of the great ways to do that.

Pattern, pattern, and more pattern

Early wall coverings were originally hand-painted florals, maritime scenes, or wood-block prints. As the desire for wallpaper waned in the 20th century, most homeowners preferred simple, understated designs. The newfound interest in wallpaper has also sparked a renewed love for bold patterns and colors. It is not uncommon to find both bold and colorful patterns featuring brightly colored beetles, vivid stripes, or even traditional French toile in unusual colors like lime green or fuchsia.


The fourth way wallpaper is making a comeback is wallpaper murals. Picture that autumnal forest scene with a deer in your grandmother's basement circa 1955, only cooler. These hip, new variations include faux brick walls, pseudo-graffiti, sandy beaches, and dark academia florals in addition to the ubiquitous forest scenes. A wallpaper mural can be a fun way to add a temporary pop of color to your home or rental apartment. 

Today's wallpaper is not your momma's wallpaper (or your grandma's). They are repositionable and feature lots of texture, patterns, and mural options for your home or office without the commitment.