3 Ways Painting Can Restore A Dated Farmhouse

Posted on: 29 November 2021

An old farmhouse can be the perfect home with its character and the amount of land it's typically located on. If you own a farmhouse, but it's a bit dated in appearance, a new coat of paint can be an excellent option for giving it a new look.

Instead of being disappointed with the appearance of your home, consider the difference that painting can make in restoring the original look and giving it a boost in appearance.

Maintain the Original Look

One of the biggest things people prioritize when buying older homes is preserving the original appearance. It can frustrate you to choose a farmhouse that looks dated but follow up with painting in a way that ignores the original construction date and makes it feel too modern. 

Looking at the original color of the farmhouse and other homes built in the same period can inspire you and allow you to choose colors that make sense for your home. With the original look maintained, there won't be a lot of regrets over the color and you can avoid issues where you ruin the charm of the house and bring down the value. 

Avoid Peeling and Patchy Areas

If the home needs to be painted due to its condition, professional help can be so valuable. Instead of seeing the paint begin to chip away and be in poor condition, you can have it pressure washed, repaired, and then painted. Following this order for painting can ensure that your home maintains the character of its construction date without it showing a lot of wear and tear. 

Give the Home Some Personality

As you prepare to paint your home, you need to see what steps can be taken to maintain its personality. Avoid painting the entire home the same color and ensure that the trim and other details are painted as needed. 

A combination of colors can ensure that the home looks fantastic and that the results don't look like a rushed process that can affect the curb appeal and resale value.

With the goal to paint the home, you need to take steps to ensure that the original appearance of the farmhouse is maintained. Instead of rushing any step in the process, you can enjoy the finished results by considering the above tips and ensuring that painting is done accordingly for the age of the home. 

Talk to an exterior painter for more advice.