How Often Should You Repaint Your Rooms? 5 Things To Know

Posted on: 28 February 2022

When many homeowners think about repainting their home's interior, they envision a huge job requiring moving a lot of furniture and disrupting the entire house. This is one big reason the task often gets put off for many years. 

In fact, though, your home's rooms should be regularly repainted—and repainted at different rates. What affects how long you should wait between paint jobs? And how can this actually help your home and family? Here are a few things to know. 

1. High Traffic Areas Wear Fastest

The high traffic spaces in homes need repainting most often. Mudrooms, entries and exits, and corridors, for example, all take a lot of punishing foot traffic as well as dirt, debris, and scuffing. Depending on how you use your home, this could also include the kitchen, family bathrooms, or family rooms. Plan for these to be repainted on a regular basis so they don't drag down the appearance of the whole home. 

2. Some Areas Can Wait

The good news is that some of the largest spaces in most houses can last the longest between paint jobs. The living room, dining room, and master suites all tend to get less usage and take less of a beating. They also tend to be redecorated less often than other rooms. So you can often skip this step until you plan a more major remodel. 

3. Kids Rooms Need to Keep Up

Kids' rooms usually need some of the most regular repainting schedules for two reasons. First, children's rooms suffer more wear and tear than most spaces. Second—and perhaps more importantly—they should be remodeled to keep up with kids' changing tastes and ages. Having a space that reflects who they are helps kids' development and reduces drama, so budget to repaint these rooms more often. 

4. Quality Paint Helps

Since wear and tear is a major cause for repainting, a good quality paint will help lengthen intervals. If you didn't use proper base coats, high-quality paints, or more durable paints the last time, you'll likely need to repaint that area sooner than other rooms. This is particularly true for homes that were originally painted by builders or prior owners. 

5. Repaint for Safety

Some areas should be repainted regularly for health and safety. Kitchens and bathrooms can accumulate moisture, mold, and mildew which is hazardous for health. The kitchen walls may also get grease buildups that are a fire risk. And back entrances are often subjected to outdoor rain and mud. These areas should be inspected regularly and special paints used to minimize health risks. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about repainting schedules, how to select quality paints for different areas, or signs that repainting is necessary? Start by meeting with an interior remodeling contractor in your area today.