Want To Make Your Larger Home More Appealing? Exterior Painting Tips To Try Out

Posted on: 2 May 2022

Your home's exterior is large and an open canvas for some great exterior painting techniques. Since your home's exterior covers a lot of ground, painting it just one color can make the building feel more one-dimensional than it really is.

Since your home needs to be painted anyway, get creative with your color choices and application so your home looks great on the outside as much as it does on the inside. Exterior painting services will show you several painting options for your larger home, including paint color selections, textures, applications, and more. Costs for exterior painting are dependent upon how large your home is and other factors. Here are some painting tips to speak to your exterior painting specialist about.

Door and shutter painting

If you have doors and shutters, have your exterior painting specialists paint these structures a charming color that contrasts in a complementary way to the rest of your home's exterior painting color. For example, if you are painting your home a sage green, have your shutters and door painted a light lavender, navy blue, or even a pretty cream color to give your home some dimension.

Gutter and window frame painting

If you don't have any other main framed features on your home's exterior, then consider painting your home's basic gutters and window frames. These painting efforts can add charm to your home and draw the eye in several directions for a beautiful effect without changing your home's exterior appeal in a major way. You can even have a front porch painted to match your other accents if you wish.

Textured painting

If you want to have your home painted one main color but you want to add some dimensional appeal to the space, then speak to your exterior painting expert about potentially adding some texture to your chosen paints. Texture can make the siding of your home look like it's a new style and can have a more basic siding look like it's made of stucco or another textured siding option.

Keep in mind that it's still wise to have your home painted in more than one color. Even if you don't want to deviate from a color scheme, you can still choose a multi-tone color and texture for your home to make its exterior its best. Consider, for example, choosing an off-white or eggshell white to go with a sand color for your home, with some minor texturing added to the mix.

Exterior painting should be done periodically to keep your home safe. Your exterior painting services specialist will suggest a time frame to have your home repainted based on the type of siding you have and where you live. Climates can affect paint longevity.