3 Things To Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Posted on: 10 June 2022

Have you put a lot of effort into cleaning your carpet and cannot seem to achieve satisfactory results no matter which cleaning products you use? You do not have to feel defeated by your carpet cleaning efforts since you can hire professionals to get the job done. No matter how dirty your carpet may be, you will notice a difference after professionals are done using commercial cleaning products and equipment. The extent of the results will depend on how dirty your carpet is, but professionals will do everything possible to remove as much dirt and stains as possible. There are also other advantages to hiring a carpet cleaning company rather than continuing to do the work on your own.

1. The Extent of Stain Removal That Can Be Done

Although professionals can remove most stains that homeowners are unable to remove on their own, not all stains can be removed. For example, if a stain is the result of a product spilling onto the carpet that contains a permanent dye, the stain may only lighten up but not be completely removed. Professionals can lighten permanent stains to the extent of being barely noticeable in most cases. Stains caused by pet urine, ink, and even paint can often be removed completely when cleaned by professionals. Ask in advance if you want to know if specific types of stains can be removed from your carpet.

2. Cleaning Methods Used by Professional Carpet Cleaners

Spot cleaning is usually the first step in the professional carpet cleaning process, which involves treating stains and areas of the carpet that are excessively dirty. Spot cleaning is done by using a product directly on the areas of concern and then brushing or suctioning the dirt away. After spot cleaning, professionals will move to steam cleaning by using hot water and a commercial cleaning solution. Many professionals prefer steam cleaning because soapy water is sent deep within carpet fibers and suctioned up for a more thorough cleaning than other cleaning methods. Another benefit of steam cleaning is the speed of carpet drying after the task is complete.

3. Preparation Services That Will Be Provided

The preparation services that professionals provide will vary depending on who is hired to clean your carpet. For example, furniture removal can possibly be done on your behalf but might be limited to certain types of furniture. Contact a carpet cleaning company to find out what you need to do to prepare before your carpet is cleaned.