New Flooring — Useful Installation Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 31 May 2023

Adding new floors to your home can significantly improve it visually and functionally. If you're ready for such a renovation, follow these installation tips for a smooth flooring transformation. 

Review Flooring Samples Carefully

Before you set up new floors around any part of your home, make sure the flooring selection is optimal. You don't want regrets after you work so hard to set up new floors. Review a few flooring samples so that you know you've made a proper selection.

Once you find a flooring supplier to buy from, they can send over floor samples — potentially for free. Now you must review the fundamental properties of each option, including visuals and material quality. Perform these assessments for as long as you need until a flooring option jumps out at you. 

Invest in a Floor Scraper

If you plan to remove old floors before adding the new option, then one of the best tools you could use is a floor scraper. It can help clear all floor materials, including tiles, carpet, linoleum, and vinyl sheets. Thanks to the tool, you can remove flooring materials conveniently and not put yourself at risk throughout the removal. 

You can even buy a power floor scraper if you don't want to work as hard or need to remove a pretty secure material on the ground. Use the scraper one area at a time until a bare subfloor is left over. Installation can then begin without delays.

Measure the Area Where Installation Takes Place

Wherever you plan to install new floors, make sure you gather measurements of the target area. They're needed to order the right amount of new flooring materials, whether you go with vinyl planks or authentic hardwood. Measuring will play out in your favor if you do a few things.

Using a tape measure, gather the length and width dimensions. You can then multiply them together to find out the square footage of the space. That's all you need to determine how much floor materials you should get for installation. If the room is irregular, you're probably better off hiring a contractor. They'll know what tools to use and where to start and end their measurements.

There are many reasons why you might add new floors to your home. Whatever they are, it's paramount to plan their installation carefully to have floors that look great and remain firmly on the ground for years. For more information on flooring, contact a professional near you.